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Eikou Drawing Pad

Eikou Drawing Pad

Aside from using color pen and pencil, I also use this drawing pad for my drawings. I would like to share this great software with you.

Eikou drawing was developed primarily for babies under five years old to learn drawing and coloring on the computer.It is fun for children to experience different shapes and colors.

Now if you install the Big Mouth software, it already includes the Eikou Drawing Pad. Alternatively, (if you don't like the robot chatter box) you can download from here this quiet program as a separate software. (5Mb, it takes some time to download)


Disclaimer: This Big Mouth software comes with no warranty nor support relating to the software's performance on any platform. You may use it at your own risk. It may even crash your computer. This software is provided 'as is'. There is no warranty nor support. The Author and this web site owner makes no express, implied or statutory warranty of any kind for the software, but not limited to, any warranty of performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will the Author be liable to license or any party for any damage, including lost profits or other incidental or consequential damages, even if they have been advised of the possibility thereof.


How to draw?

Click this Draw icon on the right to start the drawing mode and then select any color on the left side. If you don't select anything the color will be black.

To draw a point simply click (right or left click has the same effect).

To draw a line freely you press the mouse while moving it around.



How to change the background?

You better change the background before you draw anything else. Click the icon on the right and then pick any color on the left and click any place in the drawing pad to change the background of the drawing pad. Don't forget to click the icon before you draw again.



How to fill a shape?

Draw any shape but the line of the shape must be closed. An open line may change the background of the drawing pad. Then click the icon on the right and then pick any color on the left and click any place inside the closed shape to change the background of the drawing pad. Don't forget to click the icon before you try to draw again.



How to change the thickness of my pen?

There are three kind of thickness, you may select one of them simply by clicking either thisfor big pencil, this for medium pencil or thisfor small pencil. After that you may draw again. The thickness has no effect on filling the shape; it has only an effect for drawing.



What this Face icon for?

Click this icon on the right to show the face. You can move it by clicking any point on the drawing pad and then clicking the face icon on the right again. Once the Face reaches near the destination, it will give a big smile for you for this achievement. If you click the face directly, the emotion of the face will change.



How to go out of the program?

Simply click this icon on the bottom.



How to save my drawing?

You can save your drawing by clicking this icon on the bottom and then you must type the name of file. Later you can load this file again.




How to load my previous drawing?

You can load your previous drawing session or template drawing by clicking this icon on the bottom and select the drawing, then click the Open button.




How to put my drawing in another program?

You can use clipboard the to copy your drawing and then paste it in other Microsoft Windows program such as MS Word, or MS Power Point or MS Excel etc.


How to erase my drawing?

To erase part of your drawing, select a color similar to the background and draw on top of your drawing (replace it with the background color).

To clean whole drawing pad, you click the icon on the bottom. If you accidentally clear your drawing, don't worry, you can click to paste it again to your drawing.



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