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Others > Vedic square in a crop circle!!! (date: 2010-09-26)
By Dave Halgryn
Thank you for your excellent tutorial on the Vedic Square, it helped me understand the relationship behind the numbers embedded in this crop circle >> I am still trying to figure out an explanation for the central pattern of the formation and its relationship to the square in maths terms, maybe you could comment? I have posted some info on my facebook page in a photo album - see I have a graphics mind, not a maths mind ;-p so struggling a little to keep up but a few weeks ago I was playing with the numbers in the square and when I saw the crop circle I made the connection quite easily just by the image and not the numbers. Some more research into the numbers has convinced me it is directly related.
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Others > 1497 (date: 2013-05-25)
By Pedro Flecha
I have used for 20 years the 4 nbrs in statistical regressions. The system was quite simple, a series of numbers was converted to 1,4,9 or 7 and subsequently to DNA's A,C,G,T. Series were compared with The Human Genome Library and then projected, using some parameters for reconversion. I forecasted the high levels that the price of Gold achieved in the last decade.
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Answer > Formula to calculate digital root (date: 2015-08-03)
By Tanmaya Meher
As per your question; there is a formula to calculate digital root of numbers. dr(n) = n-(9*((n-1)//9)) Note: dr is digital root. n is the number. // is floor division This formula is in the wikipedia page for digital root. But i have verified the formula for first billion numbers and found it to be correct. (using Python) The highest prime number found out using GIMPS(Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search) is 2^(57,885,161) − 1. I have found the digital root is this number is 4. (using Python)
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> (date: )
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