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Question > Decay parameter estimation (date: 2010-06-04)
By Armando Scalise
Kardi For the last year I have been visting your site, which I found extremely useful and because of the clear examples, and extraordinary in the generosity aof providing such valuable resources. I am an Argentinean GIS developer with a decent math background, but often times I get stuck with problems I cannot solve. I am emailing you now to see if you would be available for collaboration as a consultant in some of my projects. I am now working on applying the Huff Model to store allocation problems. The model itself has many drawbacks, and I am trying to tweak it to adjust to the data we have at hand. My main concern at this point is to be able ot estimate the decay parameter form existing data. I dont want this first communication to extend unnecesaraily. If you are available for help I will email you with details on my current project. At any rate, should you not be available at this time , I want to thank you for all the help you have already provided with the resources in your page. Cheers
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Answer > Decay parameter estimation (date: 2010-06-05)
By Kardi
Hi Armando, Usually the decay parameter can be searched if you know the actual values in most locations, then you compare with the values the model give you in those same locations. Then you can device a search algorithm to find the minimum absolute error or minimum square error.
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Thank you > web page comment (date: 2010-06-22)
By Stephanie Shaw
I happened upon your web site while looking for a quick GIS tip. I am a fellow Christian and Student at Northwest Missouri State University working on my MS in GIS. I was very pleased to see all the bible verses on your page. Thanks for sharing! God Bles you and your family.
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Thank you > thanks (date: 2011-01-14)
By steve banza
I just want to thank you for this wonderful tutorial.
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Thank you > about tutorial (date: 2011-03-09)
By Uma Navelkar
I am doing my post graduate degree in geography and GIS being one of papers this tutorial is very useful for me as it is easy to understand even for begineers. I even consider myself as a begineer in this field of using GIS softwares.
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Thank you > updated tutorial (date: 2012-01-13)
i am completed only pre university cource , however i enjoyed your tutorial just i have little bit experience in my government office and my age is 52. so i could not do further more update. if possible to my age i will do more.Thank you
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Question > hi (date: 2012-01-18)
By abde makhtomi
i need free topographic map of iran(shepfile format for arcgis 9.3).can you help me?
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Thank you > LAND SURVEYING / CARTOGRAPHY (date: 2012-07-28)
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> (date: )
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