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Please drop me a note if you find this tutorial is useful. I also welcome any suggestions to improve it. Let me know what worked for you and what didn't by answering the feedback form below. Sorry, I cannot help you to solve your assignment or homework. Check the FAQ before you post your question.

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Visitors' Comments on Tutorial: KNN

We have 17 comments on this tutorial

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rate up: 36 rate down: 22 last rated date: 2014-12-30

Thank you > Thanks (date: 2010-05-07)
By Smita
Thanks for such a nice tutorial on K-NN classification. I saw many websites for a simple definition but only your tutorial explained it in a simple way. Thanks a ton!!
rate up: 257 rate down: 507 last rated date: 2014-12-31

Question > knn algorithm doubt (date: 2010-10-06)
By Manuel Alejandro Mijangos Gonzalez
Hi Kardi, greetings from Mexico. I saw your explanation about the knn algorithm and I think it is very good, I visited other explanations about it but they lacked the clarity and easy to follow of your explanation. Thanks for sharing this. I have a doubt about it, what happens if the some of the neighbors have the same distance, for example the first neighbor has the distance of 1, the second also 1, the third also 1, the fourth 3, the fifth 5, the sixth 5. If I choose k=2, then I should take the classification of the 1st to the fourth included for the voting? Thanks in advance for the answer
rate up: 241 rate down: 191 last rated date: 2014-12-30

Question > Re: KNN tutorial (date: 2011-03-19)
By lakpa dindu
Your tutorial is great. It presented it in clear understandable format. However there is one question that I want to ask you, how would you rank if square distance between contains duplicate value?
rate up: 201 rate down: 197 last rated date: 2014-12-30

Thank you > It very simple and dense explanation.. (date: 2011-03-24)
By aida
Explanation was so simple.Ilearn n understand more from your site.tq
rate up: 183 rate down: 172 last rated date: 2014-12-31

Question > Using OpenCV (date: 2011-04-05)
By Saufi Yahya
Do you ever using OpenCV? If yes, a. do you know how to convert an image file to csv file ? This would easier for me to perform K nearest neighbour .
rate up: 190 rate down: 147 last rated date: 2014-12-30

Question > KNN for plate number recognition (date: 2011-04-09)
By Tari
I wanna going to use KNN for vehicle plate number recognition. Can you give me some examples or tutorial how KNN can clasification character in plate of vehicle that consist number and alphabet?? Thank you before..
rate up: 204 rate down: 153 last rated date: 2015-01-01

Thank you > Excellent tutorial (date: 2011-04-21)
By Zaffar Ahmed Shaikh
The best tutorial on the web. I searched hundred of resources, papers, and other material. But I rate it No. 1, as it explains many things quite beautifully.
rate up: 209 rate down: 165 last rated date: 2014-12-28

Thank you > Thankyou (date: 2011-06-01)
By Sapanjot Kaur Sandhu
thanks ,your tutorial been very helpful for easy understanding of the knn algorithm. good work!
rate up: 192 rate down: 151 last rated date: 2014-12-28

Answer > Determine Optimum k (date: 2012-02-08)
By kardi
Thanks Lindsey for your comment. You can set up some criteria (such as sum square of error or mean absolute deviation) and run the program for various values of k. The k value that bring the minimum criterion would be the best k for your data.
rate up: 130 rate down: 107 last rated date: 2015-01-05

Suggestion > Determine Optimum k (date: 2012-02-08)
By Lindsey
I see however the issue on the proper k to be used. Great tutorial, the best i have came across.
rate up: 134 rate down: 122 last rated date: 2014-12-30

Thank you > KNN (date: 2012-04-20)
By Benb
This is good and to the point in explaining the KNN
rate up: 113 rate down: 120 last rated date: 2014-12-28

Thank you > Knowledge Technologies (date: 2012-09-01)
By Dip Bhattacharya
Hello Teknomo, Your tutorial helped me a lot in preparing my research thesis. Thank you very much. Dip Bhattacharya Melbourne, Australia
rate up: 129 rate down: 89 last rated date: 2015-01-01

Error Report > UPDATE PROBLEM OF FILE (date: 2012-10-17)
Hi Dear, There is a problem in file "K-NearestNeighbors.xls" that this workbook contains link to other data sources. When clicked on to update it does not updates, and by clicking on don't update it shows error in the data. thanks.
rate up: 121 rate down: 95 last rated date: 2015-01-02

Thank you > lovely (date: 2013-12-21)
By Jason Alert
nice thank you.
rate up: 44 rate down: 32 last rated date: 2014-12-29

Thank you > online redo (date: 2013-12-21)
By omegle


rate up: 44 rate down: 30 last rated date: 2015-01-01

Thank you > online redo (date: 2013-12-21)
By omegle
thanks,loved it
rate up: 45 rate down: 40 last rated date: 2015-01-04

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