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Others > Collaboration in agent-based modelling (date: 2010-06-05)
By Carlos M. Fernandez
Dear Kardi, I am just writing to say we are researchers of science of the computation department at University of Seville (Spain). We are mathematics and economists. We are working in economics and other social phenomenom modelled with multiagents systems. We have read your great contributions about emergent phenomemom in social systems. They are specially interesting due to is similar to other social phenomena that we are trying to modelling. I wonder if we could collaborate in some interesting model.In such case, we can supply more concrete information about that. Many thanks for attention. Yours sincerely, Carlos M. Fernández
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Answer > Collaboration in agent-based modelling (date: 2010-06-06)
By Kardi
Dear Carlos, Thank you for your contact. I am open for research collaboration and interested to learn more about your model. best regards, Kardi
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