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Question > Size of sample generation (date: 2011-06-07)
By Anh Nguyen
Hello Kardi, Thanks for your tutorial and it helps me a lot. I am an engineering person and in my field I read a paper in which they chose 1000 as size of sample set to generate from single feature vector. Way to randomly generate is adding noise (with RMS of 5%). Do you know the basis for these selections? Are there any rules or basis for choosing generation size (min/max values) and methods/ways to generate random data. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance and regards.
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Question > why (date: 2013-08-16)
By Ruel S. Pascua
Throwing 1000 darts in a dartboard.. and getting the quadrant with the most strikes... why is that c# is not in the list for having random number function to generate uniform distribution?
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Error Report > Recursive Forumula (date: 2014-09-27)
By C W Toraason
When I delete "stop", I get a warning that the spreadsheet has a recursive formula. After pressing F9 to run the simulation, it does not increment the sample number and copies over the previous runs in the "All Samples" results.
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> (date: )
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