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Question > need help on normalization method (date: 2011-01-06)
By noor aznimah
hi, i already go through the tutorials but not clearly understand. i have data that would return vertex points of shape (coordinate x and y). my data group would have two group, A group (39 coordinates) and group B (4 coordinates). i applied mahalanobis distance to calculate the dissimilarity computation and mahalanobis distance return standard deviation results from expected data. how im going to get the percentage of the mahalanobis distance and what method is better use for my data? now i already trying statistical normalization but getting confuse to place the input data for X, u and standard deviation. really appreciate for any ideas since im really urgent to know this. Anyway thank you for the great site
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Thank you > So nice tutorial (date: 2011-01-11)
By Nguyen Van Chuc
This tutorial help me understand the real meaning of statistics basic concepts. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. Hope can read more tutorial in the soonest. Best Regards, Nguyen Van Chuc
rate up: 397 | rate down: 284 | last rated date: 2018-06-03
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Thank you > More Tutorial (date: 2015-04-14)
Dear Kardi. Thanks for all tutoring. However, we are waiting for the detailed logistic regression tutorial with newton raphson iteration including excel file. :)
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Error Report > Learning from data (date: 2015-09-10)
By Jitendra Kumar Jha
somthing is wrong with the formula of IQR
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Answer > Error Report > Learning from data (date: 2015-09-10)
By Kardi Teknomo
it has been fixed. Thank you.
rate up: 212 | rate down: 102 | last rated date: 2018-06-07
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> (date: )
rate up: 3 | rate down: 2 | last rated date: 2018-06-03
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