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Dr. Kardi Teknomo is an independent international consultant in education and engineering services. His research interests are concerned with modeling and simulation of human behavior and activities related to urban infrastructure and built environment. His current research is related to complex system, modeling urban spatial and traffic simulation, human behaviours and activities. The main methods of his research are self-organizing system, intelligence agent model, cellular automata, data mining and multi criteria decision making techniques.

Recently, he is also an associate professor in Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines as well as co-founder and chief operating officer of Tech2Go, Inc. He has experienced in lecturing, research and consultation in the Austria, Indonesia, Japan Philippines, Thailand and USA for more than 25 years. Previously, he was working as He was Blackthorne Researcher in the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, USA, Hertha Firnberg senior research fellow at Human Centered Mobility Technologies in Arsenal Research, Austria, a lecturer and senior researcher at the Institute of Lowland Technology, Saga University, Japan. He had founded the traffic and transportation-planning laboratory, and served as the director of the research center at Petra Christian University, Indonesia. He had also served as the associate editor of the Lowland Technology International Journal and board editor of the International Journal of Transportation, Dimensi Teknik Sipil - Journal of Civil Engineering, Science and Technology, and reviewer of other several International journals. He is also member of Simwalk Scientific Advisory Board of Savannah Simulations AG, Switzerland. His name is listed is the top 100 Philippines scientists of Webometric based on Google Scholar.

He had developed several softwares for pedestrian simulation (Micro-PedSim), traffic network analysis (TFN) and urban growth simulator (Eden) and children software (Big Mouth) . He had taught numerous courses and workshops on complex system, software engineering, business intelligence, pattern recognition, simulation and modeling, quantitative trading simulation, pedestrianology, geographic information system (GIS), computer programming, statistical multivariate analysis, land use and transportation interaction, urban transportation planning, traffic engineering, traffic impact studies, highway geometric design, transportation and environmental impact, industrial simulation, integrated project design, communication technique, research methodology, and scientific thinking methods.

Dr. Teknomo holds a Ph.D. from Graduate School of Information Sciences Tohoku University, Japan. Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology Thailand and Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Ir.) from Petra Christian University in his native Indonesia.

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