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Research Grant

And he said to man, 

'The fear of the Lord-that is wisdom, 

and to shun evil is understanding'

(Job 28:28)


I am the investigator of the following research grants:

  1. The Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development Department of Science and Technology (PCIEERD-DOST) 2013-2015 “Advanced Traffic & Pollution Monitoring and Analysis System Based on GPS Trajectory Data, Air Quality Data and Engine Status Data collected from Taxis in Metro Manila” (with Proceso Fernandez) worth 13M Philippines Pesos (about 325,000 USD).

  2. Philippine Higher Education Research Network (PHERNET) 2013-2015 “Theoretical Foundation for Analyzing Graph-based Trajectories of Agents and Items” (funded by the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines).Teknomo, K.

  3. Models of the world and the world of our models: Science, universities and the problem of traffic. Institute of Philippines Culture Institutional Project 2012. (with Abigail Favis, Teknomo, K., Proceso Fernandez, Jr. and Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu)

  4. Data Structures and Algorithms for the Recording and Analysis of Pedestrian Network Trajectories. Loyola Schools Scholarly Work Faculty Grant 2011.Teknomo, K., Proceso Fernandez

  5. Effect of Graph Complexity on Pedestrian Evacuation. Loyola Schools Scholarly Work Faculty Grant 2008. Teknomo, K., Proceso Fernandez

  6. Multi-Agents’ Pedestrian Simulation System Based on Individual Trajectory Data. Hertha-Firnberg Research program 2006-2008 from Austrian Science Fund. Teknomo, K.

  7. Historical Aerial Images for Calibration of Urban Cellular Model. Grant-In-Aids for Scientific Research 2005 from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology, Japan. Teknomo, K.

  8. Stochastic Cellular Model for Lowland Urban Development. Institute of Lowland Technology-Saga University Japan Grant Research Project 2004 . Teknomo , K., Gerilla, G. P. and Hokao, K.

  9. Impediment factors for students to pass Civil Engineering Degree in Petra Christian University. Petra Research Center Grant no 01/Pen/LPPM/3/1999 Teknomo, K., Lumantarna, B. and Setyawan, R.

  10. Characteristics of Paratransit in Surabaya. Petra Research Center Grant no 11/Pen/Sipil/1997 Teknomo, K., and Suwono, J.I.

  11. Determination of Surabaya Traffic Accident Sensitive Spots. Petra Research Center Grant no 05/Pen/Sip/1996 Teknomo, K. and Arief, T. D.

  12. Transport Demand Management for Jalan Raya Jemur Andayani - Raya Kendangsari Industri - Raya Rungkut Industri. Petra Research Center Grant no 06/Pen/Sip/1996. Teknomo, Kardi

  13. Demand Analysis of Fixed Route Public Transport in Surabaya. Petra Research Center Grant no 07/Pen/Sip/1996 Teknomo, Kardi.

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