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I know that there is nothing better for men 
than to be happy and do good while they live.
That everyone may eat and drink,
and find satisfaction in all his toil
- this is the gift of God (Ecclesiastes 3:12-13)



•  Co-Founder and CEO, Tech2Go, Inc, Philippines (June 2015 - Now)

Tech2Go is a multimedia company in the Philippines offering Information Technology and Business Intelligence solutions to the marketing industry. Tech2Go’s main service is ads placement inside taxis at the back of taxi headrests, to optimize visibility to passengers. We also have integrated solution that include Ads production, In-Vehicle Ads placement, Ads analytic to verify ads placement, Business Data Analysis and Data Mining consultation and Software Development.

•  Head of Pedestrian and Traffic Computing Research Group, Ateneo de Manila, Quezon City, Philippines (Apr 2009 - Now)

Manage internal and external funded researches and development of algorithms for multi-agent simulation and sensory devices used in collecting data and tracking pedestrian and vehicular agents. The developed systems are used to analyze and solve pedestrian and traffic network problems related to business, public safety and evacuation

•  Associate Professor, Ateneo de Manila, Quezon City, Philippines (Apr 2008 - Now)

Design, development and teaching of Complex System, Data Mining, Quantitative Trading Simulation, Software Engineering, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern recognition, Modeling & Simulation. Advise undergraduate and graduate student’s research. Awarded with the Senator Gil J. Puyat Endowed Professorial Chair for school year 2011-2015 consecutively for performance and scholarly achievements

•  Visiting Researcher, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, USA (May 2012 - June 2012)

Taught introduction to data mining, time series analysis, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, cellular automata, and OLAP and data warehouse. Develop research related to finding trading pattern, classification of trading strategy, develop backtesting simulation at Blackthorne Analytics.

•  Hertha-Firnberg Research Fellow , Arsenal Research, Vienna , Austria (Feb 2006 - Jan 2008)

Develop pedestrian multi-agents simulation models to reproduce real pedestrian movement behavior, to automate the calibration of the models and to evaluate the prototype simulation tool against real world case studies

•  Lecturer and senior researcher , Saga University , Saga , Japan (Feb 2003 - Jan 2006)

Teach workshop on GIS, computer programming, multivariate analysis, research method and modeling for infrastructure planning, seminar and conduct a leading edge research in urban model and transportation impact assessment, together with advising post graduate students research.

•  Lecturer , Petra Christian University , Surabaya , Indonesia (July 1992 - Dec 1998)

Taught numerous courses and workshop on land use and transportation interaction, urban transportation planning, traffic engineering, traffic impact studies, geometric design of highway, transportation and environmental impact, industrial simulation, integrated project design, communication technique, research methodology, and scientific thinking methods, including advising students thesis that lead to publications.

•  Founder and served as the first director of the Traffic and Transportation-Planning Laboratory at Petra Christian University , Indonesia (July 1995 - Dec 1998)

Managing and seeking external funds for various transport projects, organizing workshop, seminars and research.

•  Director of the Research Center in Petra Christian University , Indonesia (March 1996 - March 1997)

Manage journals publication and research funds, evaluate research proposal from the faculty members and seeking external funds for various research projects.

•  Freelance Transport Consultant to Surabaya-Gempol Tollway Authority, Surabaya , Indonesia , (July-September 1998)

Design and simulate Surabaya-Gempol Toll-way gateway design, collection system and financial scenarios (see my publication section).

•  Freelance Road Consultant to Benjamin and Gideon Associate Consulting Co, Surabaya, Indonesia, (March-September 1997)

Carry out road and drainage detail design of Balaraja Business Park , Tangerang - Jakarta .

•  Traffic Management Specialist of PT Cipta Surya Wahana in cooperation with Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH, Surabaya , Indonesia (June 1996- Feb 1997)

Lead the Traffic Management Support team of Surabaya Urban Development Project (World Bank funded project) 1997-1998 to perform Project Preliminary Design, Traffic Studies, and Road Detail Design of 5 (five) major road junctions and mid blocks.

•  Freelance Transport Consultant to PT. PT Rantai Pantja Daya, Surabaya Indonesia (Sept 1995-Feb 1996)

Perform geometric design, examine traffic safety and design parking of mix land use real estate of Rukan Wisata Permai - Waru Surabaya , Indonesia .

•  Traffic Engineer and Modeler of PT Indulexco Consulting Co, Surabaya , Indonesia (part time 1992-1996)

Traffic Studies, Engineering Design and Study, Economic Evaluation and Questionnaires Data Collection, Traffic forecasting, and Traffic modeling for various projects such as

•  Bus Priority Junction Study in Indrapura Surabaya

•  Becak Scheme in Petemon Area Surabaya

•  Preliminary Design of Surabaya Eastern Ring Road

•  Traffic Model for Sidoarjo Eastern Ring Road Feasibility Study

•  Traffic Model for Padalarang Town , West Java , Indonesia

Secondary data collection for Non Motorized Vehicles in Ten Asian Cities, Trend, Issues, and Policies (World Bank project in cooperation with Padeco Ltd., Japan

•  Teaching Assistant to Traffic Laboratory in Tohoku University ( Oct 1999- March 2002)

Assist fourth grade bachelor and master students' seminars in Civil Engineering Tohoku University , Japan .

•  Laboratory Research Assistant of Concrete and Construction Laboratory, Petra Christian University Surabaya (April 1990- Dec 1991)

Carry out administration and routine concrete testing, mix design and quality control of more than hundred projects in East Java , Madura, Bali and Lombok islands in Indonesia .

•  Section Chief of Scientific Publication of Research and Community Development Center , Petra Christian University Surabaya , Indonesia (Jan 1993-March 1996)

Manage journal publications “Dimensi”, research center newsletter, discussion boards, and lead students' research activities.

•  Teaching Assistant of Civil Engineering Department, Petra Christian University Surabaya (July 1992- Feb 1993)

Teach Geometry Design of Highway workshop.


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