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By Kardi Teknomo, PhD.

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You made it until this end of Lesson 1. By now you have learned how to use several intrinsic Visual Basic component such as textbox, label, command button, and coordinate system of the form. Before continue to the next lesson, you need to put the lesson into practice. Practice make perfect.

Do the following exercise.

Explore other properties, events and methods of Form, Command button, Text, and Label:
1. Change the caption of the Form into you project name
2. Make program consist of one text box, and one command button. The program should do like this:
When user click the form, the position of text box and command button will exchange each other. Another click in the form will return the position of text box and command button to their original position.
A click in the command button will increase the current value in the text box by 0ne

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