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Welcome to my website! Browse through all the fun pages and see what you like!

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My Masterpiece

This is my masterpiece, the summary of all my other drawings.

My Dream House

This is the house I wanna live in, because it's got everything!

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Big Mouth

Learn how to pronounce, read, spell, and count with Big Mouth. Amazing freeware!

Eikou Drawing Pad

Draw fun things with this unique sketch pad. It makes drawing really simple!

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Mister Fun

When everyone's too old for the job, Mister Fun comes in youthful and saves the day.









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Save The Wizard

This is my second game. To win, you have to beat all the enemies in your way and save the wizard.


This game is all about skill and logic. To win, you have to beat all the enemies.

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Be a Friend

This is my first song, all about friends. I created it in 2010, being inspired by my own friends.

Dinosaur Rampage

This video was made using clay animation. My brother and I worked very hard to complete this.

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