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Big Mouth

Big Mouth is my favourite software. It can say anything you type, and it can read a story for you. Try it yourselves, it's so funny to hear Big Mouth say your name.

Big Mouth is a software that teaches children under five years old how to read, pronounce, spell, and count. What an amazing software for children who need to learn! Of course, grown ups can also use this when they need to read a document while doing something unrelated.

Eikou Drawing Pad is included in the package, so while you listen and learn to Big Mouth, you'd be able to have fun drawing too! You can download Big Mouth right here, right now!



Before you download the program, you must download the following:

After downloading the programs, unzip the files into a temporary folder, and then click 'setup'. Follow the setup instructions to download Big Mouth correctly. This program only works in Windows XP and above versions.



The Big Mouth software comes with no warranty nor support relating to the software's performance on any platform. You may use it at your own risk. It may even crash your computer. This software is provided 'as is'. There is no warranty nor support. The author and this website's owner makes no express, implied or statutory warranty of any kind for the software, but not limited to any warranty of performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will the author be liable to license any party for any damage, including lost profits, consequential damages, or other incidentals, even if they have been advised of the possibility thereof.