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Micro-PedSim User Manual
Version 1.3
Kardi Teknomo, Ph.D.
Welcome to Micro-PedSim, an innovative research tool to study the movement behavior
of pedestrians through microscopic pedestrian traffic simulation. Micro-PedSim gives
you the power to visualize and simulate pedestrian interaction and behavior
microscopically. It also presents links between microscopic level of individual behaviors
of pedestrians and macroscopic level of pedestrians' traffic analysis.
Pedestrians can be generated either by manually, through text file, or automatically, in
either randomly distributed or systematic way. Experiments can be constructed through
variation of parameters specification. The simulation can also be calibrated in term of
time and space. The performance output of the simulation can be shown in either real
time simulation or can be reported as files for further analysis.
This manual is an introduction to the basic features of Micro-PedSim. It is not intended to
be a comprehensive discussion on the entire tools and the models. Readers should refer to
papers and dissertation of the author and other researchers in the discussion group for
more complete information.
The latest version of Micro-PedSim is still under development. Your valuable input and
support would be welcome. Please report any bugs or error to the author.
The software can be downloaded for free in
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