background image
used for overtaking if several pedestrians have the same way and the back pedestrian has
faster speed. Input parameters mass and chi are related to this force.
In case of high pedestrian traffic density or when the pedestrians are closed to each other
the repulse away force is not strong enough to avoid the collision. Avoid collision force
need to be added. Input parameters mass and alpha affect this force.
13. Visualization
Using show options from menu Run-
Options-Show or Ctrl-V you can
determine the visualization of the
simulation in the pedestrian trap. You
may specify the influence circle to see
how the simulation behaves to avoid
the collision, or the sigh box to
measure how far the pedestrian can see.
The acceleration and the velocity can
also be shown as vector from the
center of the pedestrian circle.
You may also want to see the detail of the ID number of each
pedestrian, or simply fill the circle with color to see the emotional level of the pedestrian.
Lighter color indicates that the pedestrian get more interaction and slowed down due to
the other pedestrians or obstructions. The pedestrian circle can also be removed. Trace
path option gives an alternative way to see the path of each pedestrian.