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either from the menu Run-Pause or press the function key F6. Press F6 again to continue
the simulation. If you want to stop the simulation, press F5 or from the menu Run-Stop.
The simulation will automatically stop when all pedestrian generated have passed the
pedestrian trap and reach their destinations.
To go out from the Micro-PedSim, use menu Run-Exit or press Ctrl-X.
To do your own experiments about pedestrian behaviors, you may specify your own
pedestrian in the simulation. Here is the step by step procedure how to make your own
pedestrian data.
a. When you click menu Input-Manual Generator or press Ctrl-M together, Micro-
PedSim will show the Manual Generator Dialog.
b. Click the handle (top) of the pedestrian Trap form to put this form on top.
c. Click in the pedestrian trap where the pedestrian will be generated.
d. When you move your mouse on top of the pedestrian trap, the coordinate location
of the mouse is shown in the
status bar to help you specify
the correct location. A blue line will follow the movement of the mouse in the
pedestrian trap from the place you click first.
e. Locate the destination place of the pedestrian and click again. The line turns to
red color.
f. If you do not satisfy with this choice of location, simply start to locate again the
place where the pedestrian originated and the destination, your last choice will not
be recorded. Or else go to next step.
g. Once you satisfy
with the choice of
origin and
destination location,
back to the Manual
Generator Dialog
and specify the
initial velocity,
maximum speed
and maximum
h. Press `Create This
Pedestrian' button
to generate this
pedestrian. A circle is created in the pedestrian trap form.
i. Repeat step b to h to specify other pedestrians.