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1. Number of Ways
In this version of Micro-PedSim, a maximum
of two ways pedestrians can be generated
from right and left. The left origin pedestrians
have red to brown color while right-origin
pedestrians have light blue to dark blue color.
Darker color expressed the better emotion of
the pedestrian. The more obstruction a
pedestrian face, the relative current speed
compare to the maximum or desire speed is
smaller and color is lighter.
The total number of pedestrian generated from
the left and the right side is specified in this
2. Maximum Speed
You may specify up to two categories of pedestrians based on the maximum speed in the
Max Speed Tab. For example, you want to distinguish elderly from normal pedestrians,
or you may include some percentage of pedestrians who are in hurry. If you specify one
category as 100%, pedestrians with the other category (0%) will not be generated.
In each category, you can indicate whether
there is only single maximum speed value or
the maximum speed is also distributed
normally with some mean and standard
You can use the scroll bars to help you
specify the value or you can type the values
in the text boxes.
3. Space
The space Tab is related to the Calibration
dialog. It is to specify
where and how the
pedestrians are
generated. The
locations of origin-
points are generated
randomly (uniform or