background image
normal distribution spatially) within the pedestrian generator without overlapping each
other. The location of pedestrian generator is determined symmetrically from the center
of the pedestrian Trap.
4. Time
When pedestrians are generated automatically
by Micro-PedSim, the default value is all
pedestrians are generated at the same time
before the simulation. This specification will
make sure that the simulation will stop after
some time when there is no more pedestrian in
the trap.
You may specify that pedestrians are generated
using certain time headway distribution
(uniform, exponential or normal). Specify the
time headway distribution using its mean and
standard deviation parameters.
The parameters of the simulation can be specified using the `Input Pedestrians
Parameters' dialog that called using menu Input-Parameters or pressing Ctrl-P together.
Pedestrian diameter: Since the model of a pedestrian is a circle, it is specified using
diameter. The default value is 60 cm measured from left shoulder to the right shoulder.
Influence diameter: is the boundary of uneasy feeling for pedestrian. When other
unfamiliar pedestrians enter her influence diameter, our pedestrian agent feels insecure