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My Publications Related to Management Transportation

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  1. Teknomo, K. Modeling Mobile Traffic Agents On Network Simulation, Proceeding of the 16th Annual Conference of Transportation Science Society of the Philippines (TSSP), Metro Manila, Philippines, September 19, 2008

  2. Iamtrakul, P., Teknomo, K., Charnkol, T. and Hokao, K., A New Quantification Approach to Compare the Actual Benefit from Recreation Travel Based on Actual Spending and Users’ Preference, Proceedings of International Symposium on Lowland Technology September 12-14, 2006, Saga Japan

  3. Limapornwanitch, Karin; Teknomo, Kardi; Hokao, Kazunori, The Zonal Traffic Impact Assessment: An Alternative Solution of Traffic Congestion in Developing Countries. Proceeding of 9 th International Student Seminar on Transport Research Symposium (ISSOT) , Bangkok , Vol. 9, December, 2003, pp. 136-145.

  4. Teknomo, Kardi and Gerilla, Gloria P., Simulation of Toll Collection System in Surabaya-Gempol Toll way, EASTS Journal, Vol. 3, no 6 1999. Abstract

  5. Teknomo, Kardi; Siswanto, Hendro; Yudhanto, Sebastianus Ari, Mode Choice Factors of Campus Trips Analysis using Analytic Hierarchy Process, Dimensi Teknik Sipil - Journal of Civil Engineering Science and Technology, Vol. 1 no 1, pp. 43-48, March 1999. Abstract

  6. Teknomo, Kardi, and Kazunori Hokao, Parking Behavior in Central Business District- A Case Study of Surabaya, Indonesia, EASTS Journal, Vol. 2, 1997. Abstract Citation

  7. Teknomo, Kardi; Suwono, Johanes Indroyono; Tjahyono, Boby; Tjandra, Edy, Characteristics of Paratransit in Surabaya (in Indonesian). Petra Research report no 11/Pen/Sipil/1997

  8. Teknomo, Kardi and Irawan, Rudy, Characteristics of Fixed Route Public Transportation in Surabaya (in Indonesian), Dimensi Sipil, Vol. 22, Juli 1997.

  9. Teknomo, Kardi, Parking Behavior in Central Business District - A Case Study of Bangkok, Thailand, Dimensi Sipil, Vol. 21, pp 38-54, June 1996.

  10. Teknomo, Kardi; Arief, Tirta D.; Yahyadi, Sugiyo; Candra, Hartawan, Determination of Surabaya Traffic Accident Sensitive Spots (in Indonesian). Petra Research report no 05/Pen/Sip/1996.

  11. Teknomo, Kardi; Husain, Wardani Murad; Lie Lie, Transport Demand Management for Jalan Raya Jemur Andayani - Raya Kendangsari Industri - Raya Rungkut Industri (in Indonesian). Petra Research report no 06/Pen/Sip/1996.

  12. Teknomo, Kardi; Roy; Irawan, Rudy, Demand Analysis of Fixed Route Public Transport in Surabaya (in Indonesian). Petra Research report no 07/Pen/Sip/1996.

  13. Teknomo, Kardi, Parking Behavior in Central Business District - A Study Case of Surabaya, Indonesia, Master of Enginnering Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, April 1995.


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