Amalgamation of civil, transportation & traffic engineer and information scientist by professional education, I am fascinated in observing human movement behaviors and put them into simple mathematical formulae and numerical simulations. I am driven by curiosity to enhance safety, efficiency, cost effectiveness and sustainability in development, planning and design and managing human activities and pedestrian traffic movement in urban infrastructures such as built environments, public spaces, business centers and transportation facilities. To achieve those ideas, I have been developing several tools and methods varies from macro to micro level such as stochastic urban spatial model and transportation network analysis, video based pedestrian tracker and trajectory analyzer as well as intelligent multi-agent simulation.

Multi-Agent in Network Graph

Graph Trajectory

What is lacking from graph theory in general is the existence of moving agents. Moving agents create trajectories. I have related the structure of a graph (e.g. adjacency matrix or path distance matrix) with the utilization of the graph (e.g. flow matrix or origin-destination matrix) by the agents.

Computer Vision

We want to recover useful information, measurement and knowledge from a scene from its two-dimensional projections. Especially I work in image processing, vehicular tracking and recognition for industrial automation


Pedestrianology is an emergence new discipline that deals with the mathematical modeling, simulation and data gathering of people movement behavior on every day life such as queuing analysis in hospital, supermarket, mall or public transportation facilities such as airport and railway station as well as during big events and evacuation. It comes with several terms such as pedestrian dynamics, microscopic pedestrian, multi-agent pedestrian, and crowd dynamics

Stochastic Cellular Urban Growth

Urban growth

What will happen if urban growth is uncontrollable? How could urban growth simulation and pedestrian simulation deal with various problems toward sustainable urban planning, city transportation, spatial marketing for property developers and crowd control and evacuation? How city growth and pedestrian movement could be modeled and simulated?

I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind (Ecclesiastes 1:14)