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Cellular Urban Model


From 2003 I started a new research on the stochastic cellular urban model which some of the result I have presented in the following papers.

Teknomo, K. , Gloria P. Gerilla, Hokao, K. Cellular Urban Descriptor for Lowland Urban Mode, Proceedings of International Symposium of Lowland Technology , Bangkok, September 2004, pp. 297-302.

Teknomo, Kardi; Gerilla,Gloria P.; Hokao, Kazunori; Benguigui, Giles, Unconstrained City Development using the Extension of Stochastic Eden Simulation, Lowland Technology International Journal, Vol 7 no 1, 2005, p. 23-31.(Abstract)  

Teknomo, Kardi; Gerilla, Gloria P.; Hokao, Kazunori, Stochastic Cellular Model for Lowland Urban Development, Lowland Technology International Journal Volume 8 Number 1, June 2006, pp. 1-10


The research was supported by the following research grants

  1. Historical Aerial Images for Calibration of Urban Cellular Model. Grant-In-Aids for Scientific Research 2005 from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology, Japan. Teknomo, K.

  2. Stochastic Cellular Model for Lowland Urban Development. Institute of Lowland Technology-Saga University Japan Grant Research Project 2004 . Teknomo , K., Gerilla, G. P. and Hokao, K.


Find the principle and early development of this model in Eden project in SourceForge

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