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Excel Tutorials

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful software. The tutorials below introduce you with some MS Excel power to solve problem numerically with or without programming.

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Multiagent System

Development of prototype multi agent simulation using only spreadsheet. Simple example of race of agents.

Nearest Neighbor Interpolation

Nearest Neighbor algorithm for smoothing and prediction of time series data

Market Basket Analysis

Business Intelligence method to discover association rules from transaction data of a store

Prime Factor

Factoring a number by its prime factors using MS Excel iteration. Free download

Regression Model

Learn how to model you data, find the best-fit model and use graph, functions and Add Ins wizard in MS excel to automate the regression

Generalized Inverse

Solve regression using generalized inverse matrix in MS Excel

Tower of Hanoi

Solve Tower of Hanoi solitary game using iteration in MS Excel

Newton Rhapson

Using MS Iteration to solve one of the most famous numerical methods finding root of equation

Goal Seek

Solving inverse problem single unknown variable using Goal Seek tool

Excel Iteration

You can actually do many interactive simple programs in MS Excel without VBA macro. See how it works in this tutorial

Break Event Point

Simple explanation on how to determine product price based on break even point

Solving Inequality

Finding the range of solution for non-linear inequality equation

Zeros of Non-linear equation

Steps by step procedure to obtain zeros of non-linear equation using MS Excel Goal seek

Discriminant Analysis

Many people disbelieve that you can do pattern classification and machine learning in MS excel without any programming or macro. Check how to do it in this tutorial

MultiVariate Distance Matrix

Example to compute Distance matrix from combination of categorical, binary, rank, and quantiative variables

Observation Based Simulation

Demonstrate how to make Monte Carlo Simulation based on the observation data

Monte Carlo Simulation

Learn the basic of simulation and how to perform Simulation in MS Excel.

Bootstrap Sampling

Advance Monte Carlo method to obtain sampling distribution of an estimator from non parametric sample.

K means clustering

Numerical example of K means clustering using iteration (no macro).

K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm

Supervised learning for data mining and statistical pattern recognition.

Write your own Excel Function

Unleash the power of MS Excel by writing your own function

Simulatenous Rotation

Simplify your job using matrix multiplication to rotate many points simultaneously without typing the formula for each point.

Solving System equations

Tutorial on how to use Inverse matrix and matrix multiplication in MS Excel.

Root of Polynomial

Finding root of cubic polynomial equation using Goal seek tool

Finding Eigen Value

Using MS excel Goal seek to find eigen value of a symmetric matrix.

Symmetric matrix from any matrix

Learn simple matrix theory on how to obtain symmetric matrix from any matrix.

Sierpinski Gasket

Have fun with Excel to produce fractal shape of Seipinski gasket

Ordinary Differential Equation

Practical approach to solve Ordinary Differential Equation numerically using Euler and Runge-Kutta method

Ginger Bread Man

Learn about Chaos and having fun with Excel to produce Chaotic Shape of Ginger Bread Man

Q Learning

Step by step state-diagram learning theory by examples

Mean and Average

Interesting relationship of various average such as geometric mean, harmonic mean, and quadratic mean and arithmetic mean, time average, moving average and fundamental relationship

Learning from Data

Statistical concepts about central tendency (Mean, Median, and Mode) and variation of data (Range, Variance and Standard Deviation)

Convert Decimal to Rational

How do we obtain approximation ratio of a real number? Take a look on this interesting tutorial.

Kernel Regression

Find a fitting function that is smooth and approximate your data locally

Quadratic Function

Explore the characteristics of quadratic function and parabola curve

Data Table

Simple example of what if analysis by creating data table with one input variable and two input variables.

Gaussian Mixture Model

It will cluster your data better

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