"But without deeper reflection, one knows from daily life that one exists for other people - first of all for those upon whose smiles and well-being our own happiness is wholly dependent, and then for the many, unknown to us, to whose destinies we are bound by the ties of sympathy."
(Albert Einstein)



Q1. Why you did not answer my email?

There are two possible reasons. First, I received hundreds of emails daily and mostly spam. Therefore, I need to put rather strict spam filter in my contact form. Your email probably was caught by the spam filter. The second, due to large volume of contacts, it is impossible for me to reply to all the emails. I select only significant message. If you think it is important for you to contact me, please send again after several days. Alternatively, you may apply for our consulting service to get my attention quickly.


Q2. Can you do my homework? How much should I pay?

Yes, if you are willng to pay, we do have Consulting Service. We can assist you with your homework but for your own educational purposes, we do not provide homework answers in finished form.


Q3. Can you help me on my research project?

Only if I found your problem is interesting and inline with my field of study I am willing to discuss it with you. Please also refer to the answer of Q2.


Q4. Can I copy your tutorials for my assignment?

No. While you can get the essence of my tutorials and write on your words, simply copy and paste my tutorials for your assignment is a bad practice of plagiarism. All the materials in this web site are copyrighted and protected by law. You are free to copy and use the materials on my web site for your own use but it does not give you the right to make them your own. Please give proper reference and citation for my work in your assignment, term paper or any of your publications.


Q5. Can I use your material for my research/class presentation?

Yes, feel free to use the material in my web site for your non-profit research use or for creating graphics for oral or poster presentations. Please give proper reference and citation for my work in your presentation and publications. Please also refer to the answer of Q4.


Q6. Can I sell your tutorial/article/software?

No. All the materials in this web site are copyrighted and protected by law. You cannot use them in any product sold for profit, without the written consent from the author.


Q7. Can I put your tutorial/article/software in my web site?

No. The material provided in this web site shall not be hosted on any web site or server on the Internet, without the written consent from the author.


Q8. Can I contribute my article and code on your web site?

Yes. Revoledu's team will review your contribution. Contact us to tell about your contribution.


Q9. Please give me the code in my favorite programming language

Why don't you translate my code in your favorite programming language and send them to me to put in my web site so that other people may also get benefit from your contribution?


Q10. Do you have a CD for these tutorials?

Q11. Do you have printed version of your articles/tutorials?

Not yet. Soon, you will have our service for this. Now we are still in the planning stage to publish some materials in this web site in print.


Q12. I suggest you put all the tutorials in PDF format so it will be easy to download.

Thank you for your suggestion. We do have some more stable tutorials in PDF format. In the near future, you may be able to download the PDF file at small cost.


Q13. I feel I want to really thank you for sharing your knowledge with us

I appreciate your gratitude feeling. If you like the material in this web site, link this page from your homepage, tell your friends. If you write any papers, publications, or even web sites based on the material in this web site, please refer to the appropriate reference for each material. I would really appreciate this because you help others to find this page easier.


Q14. I have correction for your tutorial/article.

Q15. I cannot locate file to download

Q16. You have broken link

Please feel free to contact us to indicate the mistake in detail with reference on the specific address of the web page. I will amend the error within a few days.


Q17. Your program has bug and error

Please feel free to tell us in detail how the error happens. We hope it will be fixed in the next version.


Q18. I would like to suggest some topics for tutorial.

Feel free to suggest any interesting topics. I will consider your suggestion seriously. However, it is not possible to promise anything.


Q19. I would like to have link exchange with you

I would agree to have link exchange if your web site is related to the materials on my web site and is not as link farm.


Q20. Why are you willing to spend time and knowledge to others who will not pay anything to you?

Thank you for your attention. I have my own idealism that life is to contribute to create a better world and it is better to share than to receive. As my little knowledge is the only things I can contribute, that is what I share. By giving away my knowledge, I receive many blessings and friends and I learn a lot from many people all over the world.


Q21. Can I translate your tutorial?

If you want to translate it in your language, you can send it to me and I can post it in my web site as what others do. I will put link to your web site and proper acknowledgment on your work. However, you cannot put my tutorial, even in translation, in your web site.


Q22. Why you have many ads and asking donation in your web site?

There are only limited number of ads per page and the small revenue from ads and donation supports the people who make the tutorials and software available for you. Your contribution will help to make them freely available. It will be used for this web site improvement as well as to continue enhancing the tutorials and software tools available from this web site. Feel free to donate any amount you feel is worthy ($1, $5, $10 or more, it's up to you!). Your contribution is strictly voluntary.


Q23. When will I get the purchased material?

Immediately after your purchase, PayPal will automatically direct you to the download address. If you still have problem in downloading it, please contact me and I can send to the email address of your purchase within 48 hours after your contact.


Q24. PayPal is not supported in my country. Is there any other way to purchase your tutorial?

Not for now. We are exploring other methods to make your purchase more convenience. You may search in any search engine "how to use PayPal in <your country name>". In some country with restricted access to the internet, you may need to use third party software to set your IP address to anonymous.


Q25. I don't have credit card. How can I purchase your tutorial?

In some countries, PayPal supports debit card and bank transfer or check. You may have to borrow credit card of your family or friend to purchase.


Q26. How I am sure this purchase is not a scam?

The tutorials and software we sell have been referred by many scholars and reviewed by many people. Check Google Scholars. It took us many years to build this kind of reputation. Furthermore, our tutorials are mostly free online. The PDF version of the tutorial and its companion files only cost you less than the cost of one lunchbox. (Risk of doing scam is much higher, thus it is not worthy to do scam at this low cost).  We don't sell the tutorials anywhere else. If they do, they are the ones who probably illegal or scam.


Q27. When will be the update?

We will update the tutorial immediately whenever we found some error in our tutorial. If you have purchase the tutorial, as our valuable customer it is your privilege to get this update through email. When there is no update, it means there is no problem found.