By Kardi Teknomo, PhD.


Your Benefit

You have read our FREE Queuing tutorial this far. We believe that our FREE tutorial has given you FAST and SIMPLE understanding about the queuing analysis. We have also created a FREE online version of the queuing calculators. Are you familiar with Microsoft Excel or Spreadsheet? If you need to use a spreadsheet for your queuing optimization, especially the M/M/s queuing system, for your further analysis, you can to download the spreadsheet of this tutorial. If you need to see the detail queuing formulas implemented in Microsoft Excel, you may want to download this spreadsheet.


Why do you need to download the Microsoft Excel M/M/s Queuing System NOW?

  • Queuing Analysis software helps you to solve problem within your company and optimize the queuing system. Using queuing analysis, you can save a lot of money for your business.
  • You are in control: Using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet instead of a dedicated queuing software give you leverage the power of Excel for solving queuing optimization problems.
  • To explore for further analysis. You can experiment with different inputs, and create more data analysis on your own to gain new understanding about this fascinating topic while it is still fresh in your memory. If you download it now, you will easily understand the details of the tutorial. If you do it next time, you might have forgotten the understanding that you have gained today.
  • To save your learning time. Your time is very valuable. It saves a lot of your time to understand the formula and to do programming by yourself.
  • Understanding this topic will enhance your work, your study, and your research. Eventually you can develop it further to get more money for your future.
  • Use it offline anywhere, anytime, even when you don’t have internet connection.

Why use M/M/s Queuing System with Queuing Optimization Spreadsheet?

  • M/M/s queuing system is the most commonly used multi-channels queuing system assuming you have unlimited population and unlimited queuing capacity.
  • The spreadsheet integrates queuing optimization with M/M/s queuing system up to 50 servers.
  • No programming is needed. Spare your time for more productive work than programming the detail formulas that you can find from many books anyway.
  • Open formulas. You can see all the formulas in spreadsheet. No hidden formulas. This is an open source version of a spreadsheet.
  • It is a pure spreadsheet. There is no macro inside the spreadsheet. You can be sure that no malicious program included. Your security is guaranteed.
  • Simple to use: all you need change are the yellow input cells and it is automatically change the results for you including the charts.

What you will get when you download it NOW?

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet of M/M/s Queuing Analysis with Queuing Optimization.



License to use Spreadsheet of M/M/s Queuing including Queuing Optimization


Free 1 year update


Price $9.99

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Compare to other queueing software, the price of this spreadsheet is unbelievable very cheap. Actually it is probably even cheaper than one time eating of your lunch in a fancy restaurant.

How to purchase this spreadsheet?

    Click “Buy Now” button above. You will be redirected to PayPal web site for payment.
    1. Register your email in PayPal (if you have not done it yet). You can purchase without PayPal registration but it will take at least 24 hours to get your tutorial.
    2. After your payment, PayPal will give you automatic redirect link to the download page of the spreadsheet. You can get the file immediately after the purchase.

    Teachers who want to use this spreadsheetfor students in a class can contact us to purchase the license in bulk.

    By downloading our product or applying our service you agreed to our term of service. The software is license to only you, not sold. You cannot lend it to someone else, you cannot put it somewhere else and you cannot resell it.

    If you have any problem regarding your order, please contact us.

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