By Kardi Teknomo, PhD.

Queuing Tutorial

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Queuing Theory Tutorial

This tutorial comes out of my research and my frustration facing so many queues and congestion wherever I go. I wish through this tutorial, I can disseminate my research output and share my knowledge to help many people to solve unnecessary queuing problems. There are good techniques available to solve queuing problems. We need to raise community awareness and empower the people with proper knowledge about queuing. We need to raise the knowledge of our management and professionals to help manage these congestion and crowded conditions.


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The topics of this tutorial are

What is queuing?
Why Study about Queuing?
What is Queuing Theory?
What is steady state condition?
Queuing discipline
Queuing Rule of Thumb (queuing calculator)
Arrival Distribution
Service Time Distribution
Classification of Queuing Model using Kendal Notation

M/M/1 Queuing System (queuing calculator)
M/M/s Queuing System (queuing calculator)
Optimization number of servers (queuing calculator)
M/M/s/N Queuing System (queuing calculator)
M/M/s/N/N Queuing System (queuing calculator)
M/M/∞ Queuing System (queuing calculator)
Allen and Cunneen’s Approximation of G/G/s/∞ (queuing calculator)

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Teknomo, Kardi. (2019) Queuing Theory Tutorial