Queuing Tutorial

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Why Study about Queuing?

Have you notice any queue in your life? Let us observe a typical situation of our friend name John. He wakes up early to find out that his toilet is occupied by his other family member. On the road, he faces traffic congestion every morning. To fill the gasoline of his car, he needs to queue in the gasoline station. He go to the bank on that day and again he needs to queue just to get his own money. In his office, he queue in front of elevator. In his cubical, his documents need to queue to be printed in a common printer. In the afternoon, he eats in a restaurant, again he needs to wait for his food. Now he needs to drive to another place and he encounters another traffic jam. He goes home exhaustively and he remembers that he produces only a few things in a day. His productivity is low due to so many queuing in his life. Now he is late for dinner again because of traffic congestion. Are you familiar with this kind of scenario?

Queuing is pervasive that we can find it almost anywhere. We can see queue of customers in theater, supermarket, bank, government office, hospital, restaurant, airport, train station and many other places. When you go a bank, you will see people waiting to be served. When you go to supermarket, near the cashier, people are queuing to pay the groceries. Children queue to ride the game in amusement center. Even you go to toilet, usually there are queue, especially in the toilet for women.

The subject of queuing is not even necessarily to be a human. When you are in a road, at certain time, you will see traffic congestion. The cars are queuing to pass the intersection. In the seaport, containers queue to be shipped. In a factory, the products are queuing to be formed in the next machine. Documents in the office are queuing to be read and files. Songs in the play list of a jukebox are waiting to be played.

We know that time is irreversible. Time is our most precious resources. We don't want to waste our time. We don't like to waste other people's time either. Queuing is one of the greatest source of our inefficiency in our life. Queuing hinders our productivity. It creates stressful unnecessary situation that sometimes we think beyond our control. It is not. We can learn how to solve queuing problem.

A company and organization that can overcome the queue either by significant reduction of the delay or removing all the apparent queue, will surely gain competitive advantage. The question that often managers ask is whether it is possible to reduce or to remove the queue? There are many reports showing that reduction of queuing in business improve efficiency and profit significantly.

Queuing happens everywhere. Queuing affect our productivity. Thus, study about queuing is very important and very practical.

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