by Kardi Teknomo
Data Analysis

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Introduction to Data Analysis

In this tutorial, you will learn how to analyze your questionnaire survey. You don't need to have advance statistical software. All you need is just MS Excel. Online interactive programs for data analysis, cross tabulation and chi-square independent test are also provided. You will learn the statistical concept and practical step by step to do simple research using MS excel Data Analysis � Descriptive Statistics and Pivot Table to analyze your data from questionnaire survey. You will also learn about Conditional probability, independent events and Bayes Theorem.

You may download the spreadsheet example of this tutorial here

The tutorial can be divided into several sections:

Questionnaire & Data Preparation
Data Example & Research Questions
Data Coding
Simple Data Analysis
Data Analysis of single variable
Cross Tabulation (Data analysis of two variables)
Interactive Programs
Descriptive Statistics ( interactive calculator )
Contingency Table ( interactive calculator )
Chi-Square Independent Test ( interactive calculator )

Interpretation of Tabular Data
Conditional probability
Independent events
Bayes Theorem
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Teknomo, Kardi. Data Analysis from Questionnaires. https:\\\kardi\ tutorial\Questionnaire\

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