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data analysis

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Contingency Table

Related to the crosstabs (cross tabulation) or pivot table in spreadsheet, below is the online version. Using this interactive program, you will be able to get the contingency table directly from two lists of data. Each list indicates data of one variable data. The data item can be a number or a string. The two lists must have the same number of data. You can either copy and paste your data, or type the data. The lists of data are separated by comma (if you type a space, the program will automatically insert a comma for you). Then, click "Get Contingency Table" button.

The example given here is taken from the sample questionnaire of this tutorial variable Activity Time in Parks and variable Mode to go to park.

The outputs of the program are four tables:

  1. Count table: count the number of common occurrence between the two lists
  2. Percentage by Row
  3. Percentage by Column
  4. Percentage by Total

The last three percentage tables indicates the conditional probabilities that will be explained in more detail in the next section

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