by Kardi Teknomo

Data Analysis

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Descriptive Statistics

Below is a simple program that I made to compute descriptive statistics for analysis of a single variable. The input is a list of numbers from one variable (e.g. one question in your questionnaire data).  The list should be separated by comma (if you type a space, the program will automatically insert a comma for you). You can either copy and paste your data, or type the data. Then, click "Get Descriptive Statistics" button to get the list of summary statistics. The list Descriptive Statistics includes central tendency indices (Mean, Median, and Mode), data variation indices (Range, Inter Quartile Range, Mean Absolute Deviation, Variance and Standard Deviation), moment of data indices (Skewness, Kurtosis). The total data and list of data are provided to check the validity of your data input interpreted by the program.

If you are not sure about the meaning of each statistic, you may want to read earlier sections of this tutorial or simpler tutorial of Learning from Data.

You may also try to use the interactive program to experiment with your own data

See also: Regression Tutorial, Learning from Data, Mean and Average

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