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Microscopic Pedestrian Data


Sample data collection of microscopic pedestrian is presented in this page.

This pedestrian crossing sample was taken from 6th floor building (around 19 meter height) in Sendai during Tanabata festival (August 2000).

Coordinate of each pedestrian was gathered for each frame. The result of data collection are pedestrian data (N), frame number (represent time), and image coordinate (X, Y) as shown below.

The real world coordinate was set orthogonal on the ground. The location of origin is arbitrary at left down corner of the zebra cross. The X axis represent the width of the crossing while Y axis is the crossing length.



Click here to download the sample video above





Several sets of ground truth data (NTXY database) and videos are available upon request. Please contact me if you would like to obtain the data.

If you use these data, I would appreciate if you put a reference to either my dissertation:

Teknomo, K., Microscopic Pedestrian Flow Characteristics: Development of an Image Processing Data Collection and Simulation Model, Ph.D. Dissertation, Tohoku University Japan, Sendai, 2002.

or more concise version at:

Teknomo, K., Application of microscopic pedestrian simulation modelTransportation Research Part F: Psychology and Behaviour Vol 9 issues 1, January 2006, p. 15-27.


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