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Being discipline is very simple ...

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Discipline is ….

  • tidy up your own bed right after you wake up
  • give a place for your things and put everything back in their own place after you use
  • do not make many promises and always try hard to keep the promises
  • do the work as fast as possible and do not postpone any work today for tomorrow
  • eat and drink regularly, not too much or too little, preferably almost at the same time
  • go to sleep regularly and wake up almost at the same time every day.Do not sleep too much or too little, do as you need.
  • go to work or school or your routine business regularly
  • take a bath and move your bowel regularly
  • urinate as soon as you need to
  • brush your teeth after you eat or before you sleep regularly
  • clean your face and hand and feet before go to bed
  • prepare well long time before exam
  • studying and working almost at the same time every day
  • say a little prayer and thanksgiving anytime and anywhere

You can add up your own list there. In principle, being discipline is not as hard as you may think. It is just being clean & neat, honest, regular, well prepare and be early. You do everything regularly and you will gain control your over your own emotion, feeling and thinking and knowing where you are and where are you heading to.

Isn't that boring to do everything regularly? Well, the answer is yes and no. Boring or not is just a perception and you can change that perception. If you believe it is bored to do everything regularly, then you will feel bored. In the other hand, if you can see the challenge that it is not easy to do things regularly and if you can see the benefit of discipline, then you will eager to put this principle into practice.

"I have read your list and I cannot do it because I am a messy person and my work demand me to do more work in one time and less work in the other time. " Firstly, do not feel guilty if you cannot do things regularly. Keep trying and if you cannot make some part of your life regular enough, do the other part of your life as regular as possible. To begin is always hard but if you keep working on it, you will eventually gain control over yourself. Being a messy person is your own perception and it can be changed if you want to. You feel that the external force, the work, is demand so much from you so that you have no control over yourself. Again, this feeling is your own perception. It is not real as you believe it is. You can change your perception over it and you will gain control over yourself more. Read the perception part of this book to change your perception.

The benefit of discipline is really great. It ranges from a simple things up to great things. You will not forget where your keys are because you put them in the same place every time. You will not be late to go to work because you can set your body alarm clock to wake you up at the same time every day. You will never get difficulty to sleep. You will never get constipation or difficulty to move your bowel. You know where to look for the things even if you are very forgetful. Since you are well prepared, your self confidence will be higher and you can do more work and gain more happiness to work because you now you can accomplish many things much more than before you learn discipline. Of course you may also gain money as you need. You can create your own new habit and erase your undesirable habit. In the long run, you will gain control your over your own emotion, feeling and thinking and knowing where you are and where are you heading to.

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