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How do I know that I have no self-motivation?

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If you face the problem like these examples, then you need self motivation:

Your boss want you to do some work, but actually you don't like the work. Your parent or teacher wants you to study something that you really hate to study it. If you looking for a self motivation because you feel very bored about something or you need a self motivation to remove your procrastination habit, then you need to go to the appropriate chapters.

Actually the need itself is one of the motivations. When you are required to do something, even you like it or not, then you have a need to do it. You may require to do it because it is your duty. However, feeling that you are responsible to do your duty and willing to do it, will not remove your bad feeling about doing it. You want to remove that bad feeling to do something that you really hate to do it but you need to do. Since you are a responsible person, you may do it as fast as possible and when it is finished, you will feel free and do not even want to remember that you have done it.

The problem comes when those things you hate to do are something that you cannot do it as fast as possible. They need a lot of time to do it, or it may become a routine work that you need to do. In this case, you are in trouble if you do not have a self motivation. Your responsibility toward your duty alone cannot help you to do those things you hate.
Here are the phenomena that you have lack of self motivation:
• you feel lazy to do it
• you feel bored
• you feel stress, no freedom to do what do you like to do
• you feel the environment (your boss, your parent, your teacher) force you to do this and that but you don't like to do it
• you work hard but you still cannot catch the target
• you feel desperate and lazy
• you feel want to go away from that work or study
• you feel incapable and do not know many things about this work or study
• you feel tired of working (even if you just work for a few minutes)
• you don't like what you are doing
• you spend time to do other unnecessary things but keep delaying to do this main work or study

Sometimes, your motivation reduced because you are too exhausted. You may take a rest and enough sleep before doing it again.


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