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What is Belief, Perception and Attitute?


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Beliefs and perception are just inside our brain, they are not in action. Belief is the root or foundation of our way of thinking. In normal life we do not questions or filter our own belief. We take our beliefs as it is. It includes the values that we have. Perception is the method or way of thinking or point of view. Some people called it paradigm. It is the filter of any input based on our beliefs.

Attitude is what we act or react. How we perform our thinking is our attitude. Our action is depending on our attitude. We usually do not see our own action (except in front of the mirror or in our own movie). Our action is just a show-off of our perception and our belief. In other words, what we act or react is directly influence by our way of thinking, our values, and our beliefs.

We aware about our own beliefs, our own way of thinking, our own values, and what we are doing. Unaware reaction means a reflex action from subconscious level go directly to your action. Without awareness, we will do everything in reflex. We do not think on what we are doing. With awareness, we can think before we are acting or reacting because our awareness controls the three levels: belief, perception and attitude.

Many problem in our life often come from the relation with other persons. We cannot control other person but we can influence others through
• our own change in attitude
• our own words
• our action or reaction



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