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How to be a Lucky Person?

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Having free will mean we determine our own luck. It is all subjective. You can choose to have luck or being always misfortune. The actual luck never exists. Luck is juts our perception about chance. If we believe the chance from positive point of view we say we are lucky. Though we see that some failure happen, we only focus only on our success. We feel that the success is our true nature, while the failure is just incidental cause by random event. If we believe the random event from negative point of view, we call it unlucky. We only focus on our failure as see the success is just incidental.

Perhaps best story about luck is old Chinese story about a farmer who has only son. One day he found a wild horse and was able to capture it. He feels very lucky. After he trained the horse his son ride it and he felt from the horse and has a broken leg. "Oh, how unlucky, this horse bring misfortune.", the farmer said. Sometimes later, a band of soldiers came to his house and ask for his son to join for the war. Since his son has a broken leg, the soldiers pass the military compulsory and went away. "Oh, how lucky. If you go to war and death, I will have no person to inherit our family name. The horse and the incident bring a lot of luck."

In one time the farmer feels unlucky and in the other occasion he feels very lucky. That is how he perceived the situation. The actual thing is there is no lucky or unlucky situation. It is just our perception. Believing that we have a free will, we can choose to perceive being lucky or unlucky. Hey, why someone want to choose to be unlucky, you may ask. Actually feeling lucky is just an optimist perception. Mostly it is good to be optimist, but not always. Being always lucky is not good because actually such luck never exist. For example you do a gambling and you believe you are a lucky person. Although you have finished your money and it cost your family already, you will still do the gambling because you believe you have such a luck. Your perception about luck and all your optimism just ruin you yourself.

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