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How to enhance your creativity?

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It is similar to dream but in our conscious level (dream is using our subconscious level).

Force yourself to write it down at least 25 ideas.

Any crazy ideas of solutions, even if it is impossible are welcome.

The secret of this method is the knowledge that creativity is a reverse of consideration. If we consider what we think of, then our creativity is stopped. When we stop our consideration, we do not think that it is good or bad, possible or not possible, morally correct or not, and welcome any ideas, then our creativity will slowly gain control and heated.

Write it down any ideas that come up in your mind without thinking. Just write it down and wait until another ideas coming and soon.

After we get some number of solutions (say 25 to 50 ideas) then we stop the creativity process and start to consider which idea can be used, which solution is working or practical.

You may create something new through this tool or modify something to solve the problem.




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