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Four Practical Steps to Solve Your Problems

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1. Believe that all problems can be solved easily. The stronger you believe, the easier the problem can be solved.

2. Recognizing the real problem. Many problems can be solved easily if we know our problem is not a real problem but simply a common problem. Can you lower your expectation? Can you change your way of thinking about what you perceive as reality?

3. Divide and conquer your problem. This is an old trick. Divide problem into smaller steps or categories. Each category has similar characteristics. Divide again each steps/category into smaller and smaller problems until it is ready to be solved (or it seems easy to be solved). Then solve them one by one. Always ask questions: Can this problem be divided into smaller steps which has similar characteristics to the overall problems?

4. Think on how to solve the problem in different ways. Do not focus on only one solution or only on the problem. Search the solution, not the problem. Think different. Use your mental tools to solve the problems. Always remember the smartness principles and the four basic rules of problem solving.


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