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Understanding Problems and Solutions

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What is a problem? Problem is the different between realities as we perceived and what we hope or expected. Thus, problem is only comparison of perceptions against beliefs. Most problems are only inside our own mind. Often what we think as a problem is not the real problem. It is a common problem. Common problem is a problem that disappears by itself simply by making our expectation lower, or simply by changing our perception about what we consider as reality. Real problem is a problem that related to our survival. It cannot be solved by reducing our expectation or changing our perception. For example, you walk in the middle of Sahara dessert alone without any equipment or animal support and you just finish your last water is a real problem. Losing your job, get sick, quarrel with your friend or fail in an exam are common problems. When we face the difficulty of the problem, we often think our common problem as the real problem.

To be smart, we should understand about the nature of solutions:

  • Solution is a way to minimize the gap between realities as we perceived and what we expect. Correct solution will minimize the gap for a long term or permanently.
  • Since we are dynamically changing, permanent solution is very ideal and very rare. Long term solution is more practical than permanent solution.
  • There is what we called practical solution. It is just any solutions that working. It reduces the gap between reality and expectation, but not necessarily minimize it in the long term. Wrong solution is also a solution as long as it is working (for temporary or short term). Solution of a problem is not necessarily the correct one. Solution of a problem is not necessarily the optimum one.
  • Wrong solution, after we refine it, may usually lead to the correct solution. Thus, we do not need to be afraid to take any working solution as our practical solution. No need to be perfect at the first step. Taking the first step is very important toward the solution.
  • Correct solution, after we refine it will usually lead to optimum solution Repeating of improvement toward the perfection is very important to gain high achievement.
  • However, optimum solution is not necessarily the correct solution. People often confuses the correct solution as the optimum solution because they think that optimum solution is always correct.
  • Short-term solution (only work for short term) can be very different from long-term solution. We need to distinguish short term solution from the long term solution.

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