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Smartness Principle

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Our belief, perception and attitude toward problems are the only things matter


Our circumstances, our condition, do not matter. We could be poor, suffer many illness, depress and other people are pressing us hardly. We can also in rich, knowledgeable, healthy condition. It does not matter. The only thing matter is our belief, our perception and our attitude toward the problems. If we face problem positively, not desperately, we can always solve it in many ways.

Here are the facts about our problems:
• Almost 0% of all problems cannot be solved
• Almost 100% of all problems that is not solved is because we do not want to solve it

And here are the fact about the solutions:
• Almost 100% of all our life problem have solution if we are willing to solve it
• The solutions of life problems are generally not unique. Many solutions are possible.

Problem solving in our life is simply a matter of three things: belief, perception and attitude.

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