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How to gather ideas from a group of persons?

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This is fun, you should have at least 1 person that agree to cooperate with you to gather ideas. More people up to 5 to 6 persons in a group are better but if you have more than 6 person, it is better to separate into 2 or more groups to increase the productivity. All the participants must really understand the principle of creativity. You may set a time about a half hour or one hour to develop a list of ideas, or you may set the target of number of ideas.

You may need whiteboard with marker or blackboard with chalk or a big paper so that all the participant within a group can see the list. One person may become the leader and the other person the writer, or each person can write their ideas together.

The synergy happen because the other participant will see other person ideas and try to develop more ideas based on the ideas that has been written.

The leader should make sure tat all the participant will follow the principle of creativity and the other participant must encourage one another to produce more ideas and nobody is allowed to say any critics or any consideration toward any ideas. The target is to write down a list of ideas (at least 100) based on the topic that you want to solve. Silly and crazy ideas are welcome, including some jokes.

All participant is to write the ideas in a small piece of paper and say it loudly, the writer will copy the keyword in the board for others participant to remember.

After the number of target ideas in list is satisfied or the time limit has been passed, the state of considering begin. All the items in the list are considered and if someone forget to relate the keyword in the board with the original ideas, the initiator of the ideas may read again her full idea from her small piece of paper.

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