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How to gather your own ideas ?

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1. Prepare a piece of paper with pen or pencil

2. Set the problem that we want to solve. Write them down.

3. Set target to write down a list of at least 25 ways on how to solve the problem.

4. Write anything that comes out from your mind without considering it. Crazy or silly ideas are okay and your target is just to write them down. You will fell happier if the ideas that come out are something that you never think about it before.

5. Read again your list and try to combines those ideas and write them down again

6. After 25 ideas and you still have energy to proceed, you can increase your target to get 25 more ideas and do steep 4 and 6 again. Otherwise, you may go to step 7.

7. Now is your considering time. Read again your list and strikethrough item in the list that is not appropriate. Out of 100 items, you may normally get only about 3-5 best ideas. The first few ideas are usually not so good because the state of creativity need some time to warm up.


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