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Traveling to Dream World

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Have you ever gotten a dream? I believe anyone have ever got a dream. Some people do not consider dream is important, some people believe that the dream has a message. Others believe dream is another place where you can live about a third of your life. Whatever you believe about dream, actually a dream is just a state of unconscious mind. You get the dream because of your experiences in the real physical world. Dream can come true and sometimes it may have a message either from you yourself or from God. Dream is one of the bridges between your real physical world and another world, that is a dream world.

Dream has several stages and if you have a deep sleep, you cannot control your dream. If you have a half sleep and a half awake, however, you can control your dream. You can control your dream to simulate something that you want (similar to the Mental Simulation) or you can also gather ideas from your unconscious world. Most probably the ideas that you gather from the dream world are the ideas that you have never thought about it.

This is a great tool. You can go to the dream world and come back. Similar to taking water from a well, the ideas from the dream world can be gathered.

How to go to the dream world back and forth?

You can only go the dream world if you are very sleepy and you have taken a sleep but your sleep was not enough. You may set your alarm clock several hours earlier and prepare a piece or paper with pen or tape recorder beside you before you sleep. When you wake up and feel very sleepy, it is a good time to explore to the dream world and bring something from there to your real physical world. You need a strong will to remain awake and remain asleep at the same time. Set your target of problems or specific ideas you want to gather from the dream world (you can write it down a night before you sleep so that you may read it easily). Then you go back to sleep with fully aware that one you meet your desire (ideas or someone who will help you from there), you will come back to the real world. After you get some small ideas, you must overcome your sleepiness and go back to the real physical world and write them down or say it to the recorder, and then sleep again. Do not consider anything because it just like gathering ideas, the state of creativity in the dream world is also very sensitive. Just write them down and back to the dream world. repeat your journey back and forth from the dream world to the real world until all of the ideas has been gathered and written.

After that, you may either wake up or sleep again. When you awake, you need to rearrange what you have been gathered from the dream world as soon as possible before doing any other activity. The memory from the dream world is very weak, what you have been written or record may not have full explanation and you need to remember again and again to get the full ideas.

The impact of this technique is very sleepy the whole day.


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