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Warning on Mental Simulation

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Mental simulation may affect your subsconcoius directly. It may be dangerous if you do notuse it carefully. Please read the note below before you use any mental simulation as your mental tool.

Some people call this mental simulation a vision or imagination, and actually mental simulation is just a part of the vision or imagination. I should give you many warning that if you do not use your vision or imagination properly and rightly, it may lead you to sin and to do many regrettably mistake in your life. In the imagination world, the freedom is so much that you can do anything without any other person know about it. But God knows. You yourself also know. You can do many sins using your imagination if you do not control your own freedom. If you think that you can hurt someone else in your imagination world without the real effect, you are very wrong. For example, you are angry to someone and in your imagination you hit and kill him. This imagination may lead you to become a real killer, or at least you will get more anger and try to see his mistake as long as you go near him. Without knowing it, you may also do some act that will hurt him in the real world. It will go automatically because the imagination world is in the inner part of your self.

In the other hand, if you use your mental simulation to gain understanding about other person and to make your life better, it may also lead to a better life. Imagination is simply a great tool. You can use for anything, good or bad. Be careful because your imagination has a very strong influence toward your own behavior and what you will act. It may also create unthinkable act or reflect that you may not be aware of.

Controlling your own freedom in the imagination world may not make you feel good at first because it is the freedom that you really want in the imagination world. However, as you know the consequence of uncontrolled imagination toward your unaware act, you will consider that it is better to control your freedom. Freedom without control is anarchy.

Since your imagination is very strong, any negative imagination is also dangerous. In the example of getting incurable sickness, I remind you to imagine that you suddenly get miracle to get even healthier life now. Why did I remind you that? Because if you do not control your negative imagination, it may indirectly lead you to some real sickness that is incurable.

Another warning is toward addiction to imagination world. Many people use drugs just to go to the imagination world without control. It is very sad because they want so much the freedom that the imagination world offers, without understanding the true meaning of this freedom.
The true meaning of the freedom in the imagination world is this: Only if you can control your imagination, then you may get the benefit of it. It is true without the freedom, you cannot do the mental simulation. If you know that the mental simulation lead you to do some sin or mistake, stop your imagination directly. You may start again only after you get some thinking in different directions.

Note: Many spiritual/religious leaders do not agree to use imagination as the tool to solve problem because they know the danger. For example, the Bible itself never disagrees with the use of imagination and even use many figurative words that only produced using very high level of imagination. To use imagination itself is a part of nature and you will use it even you do not aware the name of mental simulation or imagination. Thus, control of the imagination is very important to get the benefit without putting yourself in a dangerous situation.


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