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How to enhance your preparation?

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You can also use the mental simulation to make a better preparation about what are you going to do.

Suppose you will have an important meeting tomorrow morning and you are going to give speech in that meeting. You can now practice your speech and see the audience reaction toward your speech. If you see that they are sleepy, then you can stop your speech and think of some jokes before hand. You can then see how is their reaction again after your speech improvement. You can also use your mental simulation to see what kind of questions the audience will ask you and what should you answer them.

Another examples, suppose you are going to another country by next week and you want to prepare all the things before hand. You can use your mental simulation to see what will happen step by step of your trips, including what you will wear and what are you going to do there. By seeing what will happen, you can have better preparation of what to bring and what to do before hand.



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