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How to wake up on time without alarm clock?

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In the following exercise you will enhance your imagination power to do real things that you may never thing it is possible: to set your wake up time. It works very well with me. I think you ought to try.

Your body has a clock, name body clock. You can set your body clock simply using the power of your imagination, faith and willingness. This is a simple things to do that work easily because it does not need strong faith nor sophisticate imagination, but it requires moderate power of your will.

Setting your wake up time is a simple example about the connection between your imagination world and your real physical world. You can even measure the strength of your imagination power simply by checking how accurate your body clock response to your command.

Now you want to try this body clock setting to make you wake up one or two hours earlier than your usual schedule. Suppose your normal schedule is 6:00 AM. The following is step by step on how you can set your body clock:

  1. Just before you go to sleep, said inside you mind that you really want wake up by 4:00 AM without any alarm clock but your body clock. Prepare a piece of paper and pen near your bed.
  2. Look at any clock or watch and slowly imagine that you are setting your mind to understand that the time now is , say 22:00 and look carefully on the second hand of your watch. Say to your mind that one second is like this, tick-tick-tick…
  3. Say to your mind that 5 minute is 300 second and one hour is 12 of 5 minutes (or 1 hours is 3600 second) and you will sleep for, say, 6 hours.
  4. Then can sleep and believe that the body clock has been set up already and you really want to wake up tat early, regardless any cost or any impact.
  5. If your body clock is set, you will have difficulty to sleep, having a bad dream and you may even wake up earlier than the time you set. It is perfectly normal. Try hard to sleep again if you wake up too early. When it is the time, you set up or near the time you set, you must really wake up. Do not betray your own body clock. Take a note on what time you wake up in the paper near your bed.
  6. When you wake up, you will also feel very sleepy, tired and feel bad the whole day. If you want to sleep again, you can do that after you take your note.

The whole point is to prove that your imagination power work to set your body clock. You may have no good feeling after that. It is perfectly a normal consequence of setting a body clock.

Now you can measure the power of your imagination. faith and will simply by checking the time you wrote in the note. How accurate it is? If your imagination power is strong, it will give you wake up time about 5-10 minutes different from your setting target time. If it is more than 1 or 2 hours, you simply need more practice. For some person, they need to practice this clock setting about a couple of week before they gradually can set the body clock. The daily progress is significant, however, that you can see it clearly as you try.


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