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Space and Time Travel

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You can also use your mental simulation to do a space and time travel to a place that you never have seen before, which is only exist in your imagination, or to a place and time that you have familiar with in the past or in the future.

You want to meet your grandmother who love you so much before and she has died already. You just use your mental simulation to see the place where you used to live together and seeing her in your mental vision and talk to her as if she is still alive. A warning should be given here. It is not a spiritual journey or some demonic activity, but it is merely your own imagination. It may not the true experience in real life, but it is the true experience in your imagination world. Your understanding about her behavior that makes your mental simulation seems very accurate.

You can also go to a place and time in the far future that it is impossible to reach that using your own physical body. You can see how the people in the future work and life simply by using your mental simulation. You may get many practical ideas to solve your current problem if you go to the future. You may also talk to your future grandchildren. Again, I should give warning here that it is not the actual future that will happen, but it is the possible future that may happen.


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