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Strategic Mental Simulation

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Using the mental simulation you see the possible combinations of strategy that your competitors may use and you may also know what to respond toward their strategy. Since your brain is the best and the fastest computer available in the world, you can use many different strategies and simulate many possibilities.

In a very trivia example, you can use your mental simulation to play chess. You use your mental simulation to see if you move your Knight in this way, what will your opponent respond. You can simulate it until several steps ahead and see the results in your mind. If your memory is not so good, you can use paper and pen to write them and see it more clearly.Of course, even you use your mental simulation does not mean that you will suddenly become a chess grand master.

You still need a lot of practice and learn many different strategy for that. The point in here is that in playing any simple game like chess, actually you have used your mental simulation



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