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What If Analysis

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What if you are suddenly become a very rich man. For now, you do not need to know from where your wealth comes from. You just want to know what is your reaction and what you are going to do in your life. Will your life become more useful to others? Will you reach your purpose of life easily because you are rich? Now we change the situation, suppose you are the rich man already and you want to remember how did you get your wealth step by step. How did you suffer a lot for that, or you just being lucky? Suppose you do not have any luck, but it is merely by work hard, what did you do? Another situation, imagine that you are nearly dead because of some incurable sickness, you want to see back your life and to check if you had accomplished something that you really want to do in your life. Suppose you can reborn and grow very fast and life again, what will you do? Do not forget to imagine that the incurable sickness is suddenly disappeared by miracle and now you feel healthier.

What if analysis in mental simulation help you to analyze a situation, what will happen if something you want or do not want is happening in your life.

It gives you more understanding about your own life and it may also strengthen your understanding toward your life purpose. You can see clearly what actually you want to accomplish in your life.


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