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Suggestion > bootstrap method (date: 2010-07-12)
By Miss Mya Nadia
hye.. i had read your website about bootstrap method and i really2 wanna thanks to you because the tutorial really help me..i am using bootstrap method on my study now..but sir..can you help me by giving me some tutorial about bootstrap method randomized block design..especially about the codes in R or maybe can use the microsoft excell..i really need your feedback... thanks..
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Question > Bootstrap Sampling Numerical Example (date: 2011-03-24)
By Anita
Dear Pak Kardi, terima kasih atas tutorial bootstrap yang sudah bapak bagikan melalui blog. Namun saya menemui kesulitan untuk mengaplikasikan formula yang bapak tulis pada excel. Berikut formulanya: =INDEX(Sample,ROWS(Sample)* RAND ()+1,COLUMNS(Sample)* RAND ()+1) Untuk RAND(), apa yang perlu diketik didalam kurungnya? karena jika hanya mengkopi formula bapak, fungsi di excel tidak dapat berjalan. Bagaimana pengaplikasian yang benarnya? Mohon bantuannya. Thanks, Anita.
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Thank you > paleontology (date: 2011-10-12)
By Weimin Si
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Question > bootstrap woth excel (date: 2015-05-05)
By ed casais
Very useful and well-structured tutorial. I have nevertheless a question : for the iterative process, you provide the formula: =INDEX(mysample,ROWS(mysample)*RAND()+1,COLUMNS(mysample)*RAND()+1) Could you explain why the "+1" for columns and rows? Thanks you. EC
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> (date: )
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