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Question > A small query on LDA (date: 2015-07-02)
By Muhammad Saad
Hello Kardi, On your page; http://people.revoledu.com/kardi/tutorial/LDA/Numerical%20Example.html I understood every thing but just a small query to get the real essence of LDA, I did not understand how did you say that they new chip ring does not pass the quality control (in 2nd last paragraph)? How the two values of f1 and f2 (44.049, 44.085) have been classified as "2"? I understand all the mathematics but may be missing a small point here. Please help.
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Question > KNN (date: 2015-07-17)
By Arnold
I just wont to knoow the meaning of k-th or what stand for of k and th?? Sorry I am new hir
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