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Thank you > hi (date: 2009-10-11)
By Ron Santos
Your tutorals are very helpfull for us student.. keep up the good work, God bless
rate up: 117 | rate down: 60 | last rated date: 2017-03-23

Thank you > Thank you (date: 2010-04-05)
By Don Jax
Thank you for posting your page. I found it to be an invaluable tool for a computer idiot like me.
rate up: 103 | rate down: 52 | last rated date: 2017-03-21

Thank you > tutorial (date: 2010-04-10)
By Rudy Ariyanto
this website is very help me to understad at computer science
rate up: 108 | rate down: 61 | last rated date: 2017-03-23

Thank you > data mining (date: 2010-04-18)
By Arun Kumar
Sir, You have done a wonderful job by bringing all the necessary information about distance at a single place, you deserve kudos..
rate up: 109 | rate down: 45 | last rated date: 2017-03-20

Suggestion > Math symbol font size (date: 2010-05-25)
By John Brueck
The math symbols are far too small and lack enough contrast with the background that it is difficult and annoying to read them. I have zoomed the page and the standard text is readable. I would suggest you use a larger math font with greater contrast or a scalable math font. I haven\'t read enough to determine the value of your tutorial but it looks very promising.
rate up: 101 | rate down: 50 | last rated date: 2017-03-22

Thank you > Very Good job (date: 2010-05-27)
By Ayoobe ali
Your work simple and very useful. Thanks so much
rate up: 107 | rate down: 50 | last rated date: 2017-03-15

Suggestion > Suggestion (date: 2010-07-13)
By Rajendra Raj Sharma
Dear Kardi, I found your tutorials very very useful.But I have one suggestion,could you change the colors of the texts and background for making the pages more readable.Thank You.
rate up: 108 | rate down: 49 | last rated date: 2017-03-22

Question > square mean difference (date: 2010-07-24)
By yu pan
how would you calculate square mean difference in this example?
rate up: 109 | rate down: 55 | last rated date: 2017-03-18

Question > liked your spreadsheet tutorials (date: 2010-07-26)
By m g chandrakanth
i really liked your spreadsheet tutorials. can u pl help me how to download all your tutorials. iwould appreciate. i am teaching students and is helpful here at uas bangalore, india
rate up: 92 | rate down: 46 | last rated date: 2017-03-18

Thank you > Thank you for your excellent content (date: 2010-07-28)
By Taekyung Kim
Hello. I just want to say \"thank you for your work.\" The content in this website is very useful for my research indeed.
rate up: 83 | rate down: 51 | last rated date: 2017-03-19

Question > Need your Guidiance (date: 2010-08-15)
By Ola Folorunsho
Dr. Kardi Teknomo, Greetings! I am a young researcher in Computing. I like to request your support on my new paper title \"Internet Application Solutions (IAS) for Developing Countries versus those for Developed Countries\". I sampled 5 Multimedia Data Streaming products, I want to analyze them using the following parameters (Minimum Processor Speed, Minimum RAM, Minimum Bandwidth, Technology used, Adaptation to Unstable Network, File Format for Streaming) I have gotten the data, I need your assistance to know which is the appropriate analytical tool to use in this regards. I want to pick the best that is able to work effectively despite the militating ICT development in the developing countries. Thank you
rate up: 66 | rate down: 42 | last rated date: 2017-03-17

Answer > Need your Guidance (date: 2010-08-16)
By Kardi
Hi Ola Folorunsho, MS Excel or Open Office is easy to handle if your data is only a few thousand records. Beyond that you may use specific statistical package such as R, Matlab, SAS or SPSS. I shall prevent myself from helping specific problem of each visitor.
rate up: 71 | rate down: 45 | last rated date: 2017-03-15

Question > DIGITAL BIT STREAM (date: 2010-08-17)
By Parth
Hello Sir! Thank a lot for ur work. Can you please guide me or provide me a link for \"How to recognise a digital bit stream as a DIGITAL VOICE(PCM/ADPCM/CELP/GSM..etc) or a mere DATA(binary)\". Autocorrelation I tried little.But Puzzled.Some of the Papers by N.Benevenuto specifies that it can be done with LDA.Can U help me in this regard,Sir? > Thank U.
rate up: 67 | rate down: 41 | last rated date: 2017-03-20

Suggestion > Present your projects in 3D Real-time ! (date: 2010-08-23)
By Douglas
Hi, I would like that you write about our real-time 3D visualization software: ISS Foresight. If you do so, I will send you a free license. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. Best Regards, Douglas ISS 3D - Business Development http://www.iss3d.com
rate up: 70 | rate down: 42 | last rated date: 2017-03-15

Question > Clustering Code (date: 2010-10-06)
By Santosh Nirmal
Respected Sir It\'s a very nice to see such type of work . It a request to you
rate up: 46 | rate down: 35 | last rated date: 2017-03-18

Thank you > Thanks (date: 2010-10-18)
By C. Jeganathan
Dear Dr. Kardi Teknomo You have done a great job to learners of advanced mathematics. Your work is a kind of pioneering in providing so simple solutions and wonderful ways of explanation with examples. You truly deserves appreciation. When i return to India then i will try to bring you to my University. Please keep in touch. I My heartfelt thanks to you. God Bless you with more abundance of knowledge and grace Jegan
rate up: 42 | rate down: 34 | last rated date: 2017-03-15

By Ngwana titus
rate up: 24 | rate down: 34 | last rated date: 2017-03-23

Question > Image processing (date: 2011-01-24)
By Deepa V
Sir do you have any idea about SEMANTIC PRESERVING METRIC LEARNING , BAG-OF-WORDS. If you know please mail me.I am doing Project in that. Thanking you
rate up: 12 | rate down: 11 | last rated date: 2017-03-21

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