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Question > Alternate DNS (date: 2010-11-04)
By Steve
First I just wanted to say I did like the tutorial it was very simple instructions on useful netsh commands. I do like the .bat files that you created to switch your IP configurations I will use them a lot being that I do constant changing on my laptop when I go places. I just had one question, I don\'t know to add an alternate DNS, the only instructions you happen to give is on the primary. I would like to know how to change the alternate also if I was using Windows 7. Thank you!
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Thank you > comand (date: 2015-11-28)
By m haris abbasi
I learn so clearly and clear my concept
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Question > netsh additional default gateway (date: 2015-12-20)
By g lazaro
good day sir, is it possible to add another default gateway? because i have 2 connections in my net cafe and i want to have connection to both, like in advaned tab of the ipv4, i can add in the default gateways for my 2 routers.. thanks for the tutorial it will help me a lot..
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> (date: )
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